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Acrónimo del proyecto pEHR
Project title Historia Clínica Electrónica Personal
Categoría International

The objective of pEHR is to investigate the market towards the deployment of an advanced electronic health record service tailored to the needs of the average European citizen, while providing at the same time to healthcare professionals the means and the IT tools that will help them be more effective in daily clinical routine. This novel service has an added value effect to already existing, but isolated, healthcare information systems, as well as to current and forthcoming telecommunications infrastructures.

The proposed service will empower registered users (members) to create and maintain, at their own responsibility their personal Electronic Health Record (pEHR) in a user-friendly, interactive and secure way. Given its web-based nature, the proposed electronic health record will be easily accessible regardless of temporal or spatial restrictions; therefore the service is targeted to the entire European population.

Tema Historia Clínica Electrónica Personal
Línea de investigación Telemedicina
Acrónimo del programa eTEN
Programa Trans-European Telecommunications Networks
Código público C510719
Socios Inform P. Lykos S.A.;Institute of Communication and Computer Systems; North Karelia Hospital District; 1st REgional Healthcare and Welfare System of Central Macedonia Greece; The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust; Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro
Coordinador general Atos Origin (S.A.E.)
Responsable GBT
Participantes Elena Hernando, Verónica Torralba, Francisco del Pozo
Fecha de comienzo 2004-01-01
Año de comienzo 2004
Fecha de finalización 2006-01-01
Año de finalización 2006
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